The Graduate Consulting Club promotes strategic and analytics consulting industries at ETH and University Basel. In the Data Science Division of the Club, we build a bridge from academic to industrial data science to facilitate the transition of our members into the analytics consulting industry. We help our members develop their career by providing workshops and pro-bono practice in data engineering, analytics, machine learning, data visualization, and strategic case solving.



Create real-world impact with your analytics knowledge

What is Hack4Good?

Hack4Good is a 6-week long pro-bono program that matches Data Science talents from ETH Zurich with organisations (NGOs) that promote social causes. In close collaboration with such a NGO, small teams of 3-4 students develop and implement data-driven solutions to increase these organizations' impact.

Why NGOs?

NGOs frequently lack the time and resources to implement analytics projects. However, such projects can often greatly contribute to the ultimate goal of the organization and thereby produce a positive impact on society. They either help beneficiaries directly or augment the reach of NGOs.

What is in for students?

Hack4Good enables students to simultaneously gain professional work experience in Data Science with high-profile organisations and to support a social cause. As a student you will engage directly with NGO representatives to get to know one of their pressing challenges and decide with your team how to solve the problem at hand. In doing so, you will be able to learn not only coding but also project management!

The Project:


Hack4Good begins on April 16th with a kick-off event at the Student Project House. At the kick-off, the participating NGOs will present selected challenges and the ensuing projects they host with Hack4Good. The students then form a team around each project. After the team-formation, workshops on project managment specifically tailored to the context of Data Science will prepare you and your team for solving the challenges. While enjoying some snacks and drinks, you will also get to meet your teammates and make some first exploratory steps to understand your challenge and the data available.

During the project

For six weeks you and your teammates will work in the manner that you deem best for your project. Over the entire course of the project, you will have a direct contact person on the side of the NGO whom you can ask questions on the relevant data and discuss ideas with. Also, mentors coming from a project management background are there to support you with inputs and tools. You will be able to use the facilities of the Student Project House as meeting areas and for work.

Project closing

After six weeks, you and your team will present your solutions with an ensuing Apéro. Each of you will receive a certificate from the Social Innovation Lab at ETH which testifies your work and the skills you acquired.


Key Facts

Project Start (Kick-Off): 17th of April, 2019, 5pm - 9pm

Project End (Final Presentation): 20th of May, 5pm - 9pm

Project Duration: 5 weeks

Estimated Time commitment: 6h / week

Team Size: 3-4 people



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