• Science Lounge, D-BSSE (ETHZ) (map)
  • 26 Mattenstrasse
  • Basel, BS, 4058
  • Switzerland

The next regular case workshop will be on November 2nd. The location and time will be:

D-BSSE, Mattenstrasse 26, 4058, Basel; Room: Science Lounge

7 - 8.30pm

A member of our time will be at the Main Entrance of D-BSSE to welcome you. Please be on time as you won't be able to enter the building after 7.05pm.

Please sign up below and do prepare at least one case of your choice from our library to give as an interviewer. We usually practice two cases, back-to-back — meaning that you will be the interviewer in one and the interviewee in the other. 

Case Library Link

For the new members; we recommend to join as an observer.

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