• Science Lounge (D-BSSE) (map)
  • 26 Mattenstrasse
  • Basel, BS, 4058
  • Switzerland

The next case workshop will be on February 8th. This workshop will revolve around a pro-bono consulting case that has been given to the GCC. This case will be divided into two sessions: in the first one we will define what documentation we need to gather in order to give founded recommendations, and we will split some of the strategic questions to be answered among the participants. In the second session, we will present the results and put together a recommendation.

The location and time will be:

D-BSSE, Mattenstrasse 26, 4058, Basel; Room: Science Lounge

7 - 8.30pm

A member of our time will be at the Main Entrance of D-BSSE to welcome you. Please be on time as you won't be able to enter the building after 7.05pm.


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