Membership Benefits

Are you interested in consulting and ready to learn about the industry? Get to know a consulting company at one of our events. Is your first interview already scheduled? Join one of our case workshops and learn from other people’s experiences.

As a member you will have access to these events and all of our resources. We provide a large case library containing over a thousand cases and related literature, résumé and cover letter check-ups and exclusive offers on premium plans with PrepLounge. But most importantly: we offer plenty of opportunity to find your future case practice partner. In short: everything you need to kick-start your consulting career preparation.

Who can join?

The Graduate Consulting Club can offer a standard membership to students of the University of Basel and ETH Zürich only, but offers an associate membership to those affiliated with other universities. Associate members can not vote in our general assemblies. Regardless, we are happy to hear from you, independent of the university you're coming from. Feel free to reach out.

The Graduate Consulting Club is tailored towards Master and PhD students, but we are open to senior undergraduate/Bachelor's students from our affiliated universities.


There are no fees associated with membership of the Graduate Consulting Club.


Note: conclude all sign-up steps to join our mailing lists, the main mode of communication within the club.